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Misha wishing Cas a happy birthday (x)

"You don’t have to be pretty like her. You can be pretty like you."
- One of the most freeing things I have ever heard (via firecannotkillabadwolf) -





I feel educated

Where was this when I was in calculus

why am i only seeing this now like

At the club like


a good artist knows where to draw the line


good things about autumn

  • wearing layers
  • everything has pumpkin flavor in it
  • when u step on leaves and they do the crumpy thing
  • mornings that are crisp and sweet and cold
  • crackly fires
  • the drop in temperature brings out an attractive natural flush
  • did I mention pumpkins
  • those eensy beensy ones
  • u know the ones i mean 
  • autUMN, GUYS


when your parents threaten to take your allowance away



I still hold the belief that Ruby’s "I’m AWESOME" rant is the fucking best villain reveal speech because she didn’t say a word until after the deed was fucking finished and there was no turning back like BRAVA evil wench, that’s how treachery is done.

songs for zodiac signs
aries: centuries - fall out boy
taurus: centuries - fall out boy
gemini: centuries - fall out boy
cancer: centuries - fall out boy
leo: centuries - fall out boy
virgo: centuries - fall out boy
libra: centuries - fall out boy
scorpio: centuries - fall out boy
sagittarius: centuries - fall out boy
capricorn: centuries - fall out boy
aquarius: centuries - fall out boy
pisces: centuries - fall out boy


there’s this commercial on tv now for supernatural and they’re basically like “The Winchester brothers are back for more mysterious and dangerous adventures” and then

they fucking show this clip



and I just can’t even imagine what people that don’t watch supernatural will think of this show

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